The rise in the value of cryptocurrencies is literally alongside their increasing popularity.  An important factor was the fact that trading on stock exchanges became available to a wide range of people, and not just brokers and enthusiasts.


Thanks to the Internet, virtually anyone can become a cryptocurrency trader.  The main thing is to find cryptocurrency to buy now and choose the optimal and proven exchanges.


Now let's figure out what you should pay attention to?




Reliability includes, first of all, the security of access and databases of users and operations.  It should be understood that in fact, when registering on the exchange, you entrust your funds to third parties.  In addition to the obvious tools that can be found during registration, such as two-factor authentication, you should pay attention to the reviews of experts and traders.  At the same time, you can find sites where the user can remain anonymous without verifying his identity and even withdraw funds.  To check, you can also search the Internet for information about whether the exchange has been attacked or leaked user data.

Trading volume

The financial turnover that the exchange has characterizes its scale, success and influence.  A large turnover is equivalent to the fact that the exchange has many active daily users operating with already classic or new cryptocurrencies.  In particular, such an indicator as the daily trading volume can show the popularity and relevance of the exchange.  It is important to make sure that the exchange does not wind up trading volume through fraudulent transactions.


Considering that the terminology of finance is not simple, even in the user's native language, available to a wide range of exchanges, they are certainly interested in the fact that users of all skill levels can work with them.  This also includes the fact that, as a rule, people ignore the user agreement.  When registering on stock exchanges, it is absolutely impossible to do this.  If you are not aware of the conditions under which the site operates, you can lose money.

Commission size

This is important information that every reputable crypto exchange should have in the public domain.  Be sure to check the conditions for withdrawing cryptocurrency.  They may also indicate that you can withdraw funds only once a day, in a certain period or the minimum amount.  It is expected that the lower the commission, the higher the withdrawal amount.  However, it should be understood that the price of accessibility can be the safety and quality of software tools that the owners invest in increasing the reliability of the crypto exchange.  Thus, the circle is closed.


Note that today, according to some platforms, there are more than three hundred trading platforms.  In fact, there are probably more of them, but only a few dozen are popular, precisely because of their reliability and time-testedness.  Others most often have a small trading volume, low rating, a universal, not adapted interface, and dubious technical security.  For this reason, there is a risk that a novice user may register on a low-rated exchange and lose money on it.


At the same time, it is worth choosing a specific exchange based on goals and preferences.  For some, everyday trading is paramount, for someone the availability of young currencies, and for someone safety and confidence in operations and withdrawal of funds is important.  Therefore, for each parameter, you can make your own rating of cryptoexchanges, which is done in the material available at the link at the beginning.



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